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 This is NOT a review of Masquerade lol.This is more poor attempt to see if anyone wants to comment and made me feel better.

So after seeing Oliver be marked withe darkness or whatever. It was like a punch to my Chlollie heart. Kinda sucked all the fun (and muse) out of it for me. Let's not forget that preview where Chloe says 'We really did get married' and Clark is holding a ring.

So there are some things I do know. They have been really putting the Chlollie relationship up front. So why ruin it when it seems that Chloe and Oliver want nothing more then to be with one another. Especially after their conversation at the end of Masquerade. It's the last season and quite possibly the end of Chloe's run. We know they want to end her on a happy note, I just can't see them doing this with the darkness infecting Oliver and this goofy marriage thing

I'm not quite sure where they are going with the darkness and Oliver. What bothers me is that next week is Chloe's last episode (that we know of) so he will go on to be infected by this without her? It just doesn't seem right...

As for the marriage thing, yes, I am well aware not to trust anything, especially in a preview. it could very well turn out that it WAS Olive and Chloe got married. I hope so. I mean really,  why would the writers want to taint everything by having Clark and Chloe accidentally get married?

So anyone who actually read this, talk me out of feeling down. Pleeeeease.
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