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Title: A Queen Surprise 1/1
Rating: PG
Summary: Chloe has an unexpected surprise for Oliver.
Notes: Thank you [ profile] fickery for editing for me and making me not sound like an idiot. :)

I have a note at the end. :)

Chloe let out a loud sigh as she stared down. Next she looked over at her cell, resting on the bathroom counter, and frowned at the time. It was past two in the morning. Rather late to be waking Oliver, especially when she knew he had a meeting early in the morning. But she’d never be able to sleep, and she assumed this was one of those occasions where he needed to fulfill his husbandly duty, regardless of other obligations. Besides, it wasn’t like it was going to go away.

With a sigh of determination she opened the bathroom door, the object of her troubles clutched in her hands, and headed towards the bed. Once on Oliver’s side, she stared down at him in the dim light, smiling slightly. He looked beautiful lying there, face calm, void of the telltale signs of stress. As usual he was shirtless, putting his flawless physique on display only for  her. Chloe had to admit, it was something she took pleasure in. Oliver’s body was her vice. At that thought she looked down at her own body with a frown. Her body was a problem better put off for the future. There were more immediate issues to attend to.

Flipping on his bedside lamp, she sat on the edge of the bed, still clutching the object in her hand, but holding it down, away from his view. “Ollie.” Nothing, not a budge. If someone were to sneak into their home, Chloe would guarantee that he’d be up in an instant, but when it came to her waking him, he slept like the dead. “Ollie,” she said again, this time resting her arm on his shoulder and shaking him slightly. “Ollie!”

Oliver squinted, turning away from the light, using his hand to shield his eyes. “Wha--What is it?”

“I need to talk to you.”

Waking him from a dead sleep to talk was never good. Forcing his eyes to turn to the clock, he frowned at the time. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I mean nothing like you’re thinking. But yeah, something is wrong.”

The strange tone of her voice and the way she was being so evasive slowly drew him from sleep. Focusing on her, he took her in. “Did you ever go to sleep?”

“No, but that’s beside the point. Look, I…” She stared down at him, wanting to start at the beginning, tell him her suspicions, how she came to be clutching the object in her hand. But really, he’d only ask questions and come to his own conclusions, so it almost seemed better to just show him. After all, what came before  wasn’t important, and she figured showing him would get the point across well enough, and that was really all that mattered. “Look.”

As she lifted her hand he followed it until he was staring at what she held. His eyes, still blurry from sleep, began to focus. Grabbing her wrist, he pulled her hand closer and pushed himself off of the bed slowly as he took it in. Glancing up into her face, but not releasing her hand, he waited for her to say something, but she just stared back. “You’re serious.”

“I was late,” Chloe responded simply. “And I know waking you up at two in the morning isn’t the best way to tell you, but it isn’t like this is something I had planned on.”


Well, that wasn’t bad at least, and she had woke him up in the middle of the night. “Yeah.”

“You’re sure?” Oliver asked and slowly took it from her hand, bringing it closer to his face.

“I used two different brands, four different tests. I’m sure.”

Oliver blew out a breath and glanced back up at her. “You’re pregnant.”

“Yeah...” Chloe searched his eyes, trying to find a stronger reaction in them. It wasn’t that she suspected he was disappointed, because he was always the one saying he wished things were easier, that they could have a normal family. Yet his lack of reaction still had her a bit antsy. “I don’t know how it happened, I mean I do, but--.”

Oliver shook his head quickly and set the pregnancy test to the side. “No, I know. It’s okay. I only have one question though.”

Chloe scrunched her face in confusion, not sure what exactly he could be asking. “Yeah?”

“So your boobs are going to get bigger, right?”

Chloe gaped at him. Reaching her hand back, she slapped his arm a few times, hard.

“Hey!” Oliver laughed and grabbed her hand, leaning forward and kissing her lips. With an arm around her waist, he pulled her with him as he laid back onto the bed. Once she was situated, laying against his side, he brought a hand up and combed the messy curls from her face. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Chloe smiled down at him. “So you’re okay with this?”

“Of course.” Oliver grinned and brought her head down to his, kissing her lips. “From the day I’ve met you, you’ve made me the happiest man in the world. And you’re going to give me the most beautiful child in the world.” A soft smile spread across her face, and he could only hope he had eased her concerns. “What do you think, Sidekick?”

That was what she loved about Oliver: he never held back what he felt for her. Chloe knew without a doubt how deep his feelings were. Out of all the men in her life, when it came to her, Oliver was the most patient and understanding, and she knew that she was the most important thing in his life. Up to that point, she thought he’d given her everything in the world, and there was anything left he could give her. But with the prospect of having a baby with Oliver, being a family, she finally realized there still had been something left to offer. “I think this will be our hardest mission yet, Queen. And if the universe has any sense of humor at all, you, my dear, are getting a girl."

Notes: So there was actually a reason behind this fic. Because I actually did wake my husband up at two in the morning and held a pregnancy test in front of his face. So he is no Oliver Queen, so he was not as cute as Oliver. But anyway, just because I want to tell everyone I can....I'm pregnant!!!!

Needless to say I've been sick as a dog and tired as hell. So this is also just a heads up that my writing has kind of come to a stop. I'm hoping I'll be able to get back on the wagon soon. But it was a struggle to get this out.
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