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So Ive been frequenting a certain board *cough* and at the prospect of Chlollie getting married and their spoilered big moment AND Chlark at first thinking they got married its seems people still feel the need to bitch! Its AM's last episode! So they feel Cloia is disrespected by a marriage coming before theres and are offended because Clark has a ring on. God.

Oh and of course all the attention isnt paid to lets whine.

And then belittle the fact that Chlollie got married while under a spell so it makes their marriage less important. If it isnt important then why bitch when you thought it was Chlark.

As Chlollie winds down Im of the mins to just go on there and be a bitch.

I know it isnt all of them, but there are just sooo many haters.

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Aug. 5th, 2010 02:55 pm
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So Im rambling via my phone at work.

Im going to try and start counting the votes for the Chlollie awards. Having my husband print out the votes at work. I copy and pasted into an email. And felt so silly with all the chlollie icons. Lets not forget that there was a smut category. I was able to delete the icons lol.

On another note, if anyone is interested Im going to be posting a Supernatural Dean/Jo fic tonight (shut it Sly). If anyone is interested.

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