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Title: Olvier's Worst Nightmare 3/3
Author: Calie
Summary: Little did Oliver know he was about to run into his worst nightmare.
Rating: K+
Notes: This is the last chapter. I really hope everyone liked it. I would love some reviews. I'm having a bad day, and I coould really use them.


Oliver glanced around her living room, eyes roaming, always ready for trouble, not because he expected it, but mostly because it felt strange. Usually when he was there it was all business and to the point, he never hung around. Sure their conversations were usually littered with small talk, joking, and every so often a little flirting, but it was never much. He was starting to realize that the reason it usually remained business was because he made it that way. It was impossible to ignore his attraction to her now. He’d known it all, but had tried is damndest to hide it.

“I’ll be right back.”

He turned to her and nodded, watching her walk away. For the first time that night allowing himself to blatantly check her out. As much as he’d been cursing the dress the that night, in her home, alone, he realized he was a little disappointed to see it go. Chloe couldn’t have been taller than 5’5, but her legs in that short dress and stiletto heels looked a mile long. And with no one else around to cop a feel or steal a glance he didn’t really mind the fact that you didn’t need an imagination to see what was under her skirt. If only he could have gotten a glimpse of the front again.

Chloe stooped before entering the hall and turned around with a small knowing smile. “You can sit Oliver.”

His eyes lowered to her exposed breast one last time and then raised them to her face. “I didn’t want to miss anything.”

“You won’t.” She added then turned back around.

Those two words held a lot more in them then he cared to dwell on at that moment, because the fact of the matter was that whatever she was alluding to wouldn’t happen that night. So reserved to that fact he made his way across the room and took a seat on her sofa.

Seconds ticked by and after only a few moments he ripped off his tie and stood up. If Chloe was like every other woman he knew she’d be a while and he was impatient. Walking towards an empty wall he stopped. Not long after his return he had outfitted Chloe’s place with much more security. There was too much information located in their too be left unprotected. He still tried to forget the money he had to shell out for it. It was worth it though, to protect the teams lives and hers. If anyone ever found out what was there…he shook his head, determined not to think about that.

An average decorative picture hung from the wall in front of him. Grabbing one side of his he pulled, revealing a keypad, eye scanner, and voice recognition. One never could be too sure.

She didn’t see him at first, and as she turned to look around the room she finally noticed the crack in her wall. With a roll of her eyes and a sigh she walked in that direction. Once past the threshold of the secret entrance she wished she had put on socks. The floor of the tower was metal, much too cold for her bare feet. The chill only got worse as she walked up the stairs. Considering that a majority of the tower was glass it was usually rather cold. But as she acquired more and more hardware she was forced to keep it even cooler. If she’d known that was where he was going to disappear to she wouldn’t have dressed in shorts and a tank top. “Couldn’t resist could you?”

He turned to her, a little ashamed and ready to apologize, only to stop. She was a nightmare, going from an impossible short and low cut dress, into small shorts, a tank top, and bare feet. The heavy make up from earlier was gone leaving her face clean and glowing. The curls were still there, although a little softer then they had previously been. It took him only moments to come back to himself. “Well if you wouldn’t have taken so long.” She raised her eyebrows, daring him to continue. “I just figured I’d see if I missed anything.”

Finding her interest mildly peaked she walked closer. “Well?”

“Nothing, all’s clear.” He stepped back, allowing her room to check for herself. Her computers were constantly running, checking for news, police reports, anything that would let them know they were needed.

“Well that’s a relief.” Because if he had to leave she would definitely had been a little angry. “Think we could go back where it’s warm though. I didn’t exactly dress for tower weather.”

“It does seem to have its own climate.” He followed her away from her computers and down the stairs.

“Well if you want to keep all that expensive Queen Industries hardware from burning up…”

“I get it, I get it.” Oliver pushed the wall closed behind them and then pushed the picture back into its place. By the time he turned around she was already curling up on the sofa. “I’m a bit overdressed.”

Chloe chuckled and patted the seat next to her. “You look fine.”

“Yea, but you look comfortable.” To comfortable. If he thought being around her scantily clad was dangerous it was nothing compared to sitting next to her on her sofa in her pajamas, alone.

“I’m in my pajamas.” He took a seat next to her and she propped her head up with her hand on the back of the sofa.

“Exactly.” Propping his head up on the back of the sofa in identical fashion he watched her. Her eyes moved slowly over his face, but he could see the wheel turning in her head. “I can see the wheels turning in that geeky brain of yours.”

She smiled at his joke. It would have made her laugh under normal circumstances, but now that her brain was working again she found herself recalling his fears from earlier that night on the balcony. “Sorry.”

He could see in the poor attempt of her smile that something was bothering her. “You want to say something don’t you?”

“No…I don’t know.” Chloe sighed and looked down, her eyes straying to his hand that rested on the leg he had folded over his knee. She wanted to reach out for it, but something in her wouldn’t allow it.

“Hey.” She looked back up at him, worry in her eyes now. “Just say it.”

It was the gentleness in his voice and the concern on his face that broke her.

“Is this going to be like you said earlier tonight? Are we going to meet with the rest of the league tomorrow and not be able to look at one another?”

He frowned, not really at her question, but more at himself. It was his earlier fears that were now causing her concern. “Why would it be like that?”

“I don’t know.” She looked down again, no quite sure how to continue. There was a soft pull of her hair and she looked back up.

“Did I tell you I like your hair like this?” This time she really did smile.

“Yes you did, but why do I get the feeling you are trying to distract me.”

“Because there isn’t anything for you to worry about.” She cocked an eyebrow at him, obviously not believing his words. “You don’t believe me.”

“No.” She said simply. “I feel like I’ve been talking to two totally different men tonight.”

He supposed his emotions had been a little erratic. “I needed you here as part of the League, but that isn’t just it. I know when it comes down to it I can trust you. You’ll do what needs to be done.” He paused as he prepared himself for the final plunge. Exposing himself wasn’t in his nature, especially went it pertains to something so close to his heart. “And I know when I can’t deal with it and I do fall you’ll be there picking me back up.”

“Oliver, that won’t happen again.” She said firmly, refusing to believe in his weakness. She knew what was in his heart, even if he didn’t.

“It doesn’t matter if it will. But at least I know your there if it does.” She seemed content with his answer so he continued. “I didn’t want to take the risk of losing that. If there is one thing I’m good at is screwing up relationship Chloe. They are usually the last thing on my mind and usually get forgotten.”

“Lois?” Chloe asked, hating to bring it up, but that had to be forefront in his mind. It was in hers also. Although she hadn’t had time to consider her cousins reaction, she had been trying to figure out where she was in Oliver’s heart. The chance of Lois going back to Oliver would never happen. It was obvious to anyone that Lois and Clark were meant to be together, and even Oliver knew that, but that didn’t mean he had to like it.

“Chloe, that’s over.” She sighed. “You don’t believe me.” It was more of a statement then a question.

“I don’t know.” She answered truthfully.

“This wouldn’t be an issue if she wasn’t your cousin.” He pointed out.

“This wouldn’t be an issue if I didn’t know every painful detail of your relationship with her which I just happen to know because she is my cousin.” He frowned, obviously not pleased with her response. “I’m just telling you the truth.”

He would have been a fool not to see this coming, but somehow he was hoping they could just avoid it. “You think I still have feelings for her?”

“Are you serious?” Chloe scoffed and regretted it when she saw his jaw clenched. “Sorry. It’s just that the two of you had this big thing, and then even when it was over it wasn’t really over. I mean just over a year ago you-.” She stopped herself, realizing that her mouth was about to get her into trouble.



He narrowed his eyes at her. “Just over a year ago what?”

“Fine.” She dropped her arm into her lap. If he wanted to push it she’d give it to him. She wasn’t about to let herself get hurt because of a man still pining for her cousin. “Just a year ago Lois was still the only thing you wanted. And I’m not just assuming that Oliver, don’t you think Lois talks to me?” He turned his body away from her and she felt her heart drop. The profile of his face hardened and she could see his jaw clenching. “I’m not trying to make this difficult for you, but your right, she is my cousin, and most women wouldn’t know the things I do.”

Years spent still reaching out for Lois, trying to bring her back into his life, had someone just blew up in his face. He could turn around and tell her that it wasn’t like that and that he didn’t still want Lois, but he knew she wouldn’t totally believe him. To be honest he still held some regard for her, but that didn’t mean he hadn’t accepted it. Turning back to face her he held her gaze evenly. “What about Jimmy?” There was a flash of pain on her face before she looked away. “Weren’t you two about to reconcile right before he died? That was only a year ago.”

“Jimmy’s dead. I have no choice but to move on.” She said softly as images of her deceased husband floated in front of her.

“And how am I supposed to know you have?” He snapped at her harder then he thought. She didn’t seem to notice as she stared off somewhere past him. With a sigh she pillowed her head on the back of the sofa with her arm and shut her eyes. “I’m sorry.” She only nodded, still not opening her eyes to him. “I didn’t want this.” She turned her head into her arm at his words and he felt like there was a vice squeezing around because of the pain he was causing her. “But I couldn’t stop it Chloe. Do you really think I would have let it go this far if I thought this was nothing? The physical part, I can find that anywhere if that’s what I wanted.” She turned her head again, still resting her cheek against her arm, but looking at him. It wasn’t very often he saw a vulnerable side to her. She’d toughened up a lot over the past couple of years, sometimes too much. “I’m not going to risk our friendship or take this chance of nothing.”

She sighed softly. “I know.” And she meant it; he wouldn’t use her to for some physical urge. There was way too much going on in both their lives for that.

He scooted forward and leaned in to press his palm against her exposed cheek. “I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t serious. I told you there was nothing to worry about.”

“Just an hour ago you didn’t feel that way.” She countered.

“And just an hour ago I realized that I couldn’t push you away.” She stayed silent for a few moments, her eyes never leaving his. “Are you done trying to find something wrong or am I going to have to beg?” She rolled her eyes at him, but he could see her corners of her mouth lifting in a smile. “You being over there is ridiculous.” He reached out, wrapped an arm around her waist, and pulled her onto his lap.

She grasped his shirt for balance as he grabbed the back of one of her knees and pulled it out from underneath her body allowing her to straddle him. “Isn’t this a bit suggestive?”

“Not while you still have your clothes on.” He joked, but had to admit that when she settled onto his lap he felt a small pull in his groin and a twitch. He only prayed he could control it or he’d be moving her off of him pretty soon. “Just don’t move too much.”


“What?” He asked innocently even as he pressed his palm to her back, forcing her body against his own. The other hand slid into the blond curls at the back of her head and guided her head forward.

She waited for their lips to meet, but they never did. Instead he pressed her forehead against his own and looked up at her.

“Tell me you believe me.” He needed to hear it, because if she didn’t believe him it wouldn’t work.

“I want to.” She said softly. “I want believe it will work.”

“And if you don’t believe me then it definitely won’t.” He lifted his hand from her back and held her face in both hands. “Chloe it has to work, because there is no going back. Why do you think I couldn’t walk away earlier?”

“What about everyone else?” Chloe whispered. Slowly she could feel herself slipping, losing her will against him.

“You mean Lois and Clark?” She nodded in response. “Chloe, I don’t care.” He emphasized the three last words slowly.

“They’ll be-.”

“Chloe.” He said firmly and she stopped. “They’ll get over it. They’re where they want to be, happy where they are. What about you?”

She sighed shakily. The whole night had been too much to begin with, but now here she was with Oliver about to make a decision that would no doubt seriously affect her. She fisted his shirt in her hands tighter and looked into his eyes, pleadingly. “Ollie.”

There was something in her face, the way she said his name, it was all the answer he needed. Pulling her face to his he pressed a gentle kiss against her lips. It was chaste at first. Lips only just touching a few times against one another before he pulled back slightly. Her lips were barely touching his, but he could feel her warm breath caressing his lips. Her hands flattened against his chest and slid up. As she wrapped them around his neck her body shifted just slightly against his own, pressing closer, and putting just a bit too much pressure on his lap for comfort.

This time when he pulled her back his lips were firm against her own, kissing her with purpose. His hands slid into her hair and the other fell to her hip, firmly holding her. As his tongue slid over her lips she opened her mouth to him. It felt right, being there with him. There was still some lingering anxiety, but she trusted him. She pulled her mouth reluctantly from his own. “And tomorrow?” She whispered against his lips.

“Tomorrow,” Oliver pressed a kiss to her lips, “will be fine.” He trailed his lips over her cheek and nuzzled her neck as he pulled gently at her hair, exposing her neck to him. He kissed her behind her ear and then spoke softly. “And the day after that.” Another kiss further down her neck. “And the day after that.” Her hands grasped at his hair, pulling him from the smooth expanse of skin and forcing him to look at her again.

“This from the person who said woman and relationships were the last thing on his mind?” He didn’t respond, only leaned forward and kissed her. She tried to pull back at first to demand an answer, but he deepened the kiss, kissing her hard and passionately. Unconsciously she fisted his hair in her hands, not even caring at that moment if it hurt. He was growing underneath her, pressing against her. He’d told her not to move, but it was impossible. She rolled her hips forward, pressing the length of him against her. His hands tightened in her hair causing her to gasp. But it didn’t stop her from pressing down harder, anything to relieve some of the pressure building inside of her. It only served to make her predicament worse.

She whimpered inside of his mouth and pressed her body closer to his simultaneously. Then she did it again, each time moving just slightly into a different position, causing more friction and pressure to his already hardening erection. “Chloe, Chloe.” He grabbed her hips with both hands and pushed her just slightly back. “You’ve gotta stop.”

“Why?” She pulled his head back to her, kissing him again.

He groaned as she tried to wiggle out of his hands. “Because I’m about to become very uncomfortable. And considering the only solution is-.”

“Okay, okay.” She sighed and dropped her forehead to his shoulder. “Sorry.” She could feel her cheeks warming with embarrassment. But then she felt his hand in her hair and his lips against the top of her head. When she raised her head and met his eyes she wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But when she saw the gentle smile on his face she returned it. “Sorry.”

“This from the same woman who was pleased with herself for turning the head of every man in the bar?” She laughed and looked down. “Now you’re apologizing?”

“Well I didn’t think that would happen.” She looked back up into his eyes and saw him smirking at her. “Not funny.”

“Sure it is.” Moving his hand to his cheek he cradled it gently, brushing his thumb over the soft skin. He knew he was in trouble. Their first kiss had only been about an hour ago, but he had too much of a past with Chloe for it not to be anything but serious.

“And the fact that relationships and women are the last thing on Oliver Queen’s mind?”

“You would bring that back up.” She cocked an eyebrow at him, obviously waiting for a response. “You know it’s different when it’s someone who understands you, who you don’t have to lie to, who knows everything about you.” She smiled softly in response.

“I guess when you put it that way.” The corner of his mouth turned up slightly and then he leaned forward, taking her lips once again.

“I just bought those.” Chloe said from her computer, not even turning around. She didn’t need to; she could hear Bart chomping on her chips.

“I’m glad you did. You don’t have a thing in your kitchen.” The young man collapsed into her sofa and dusted his hands on his pants.

“Bart.” Victor grabbed one of the napkins Bart had left on the table from his earlier snack and tossed it to him. “You’re not a child.”


She shook her head at them and glanced at her watch. The meeting had been called two days ago. All of them had arrived, except Oliver. He usually didn’t run late, which was what was bothering her.

The previous night he’d hung around until about three in the morning until she started to fall asleep. It had been hard to let him go, but she’d tried not to turn it into a big deal. That was the last thing she wanted, even if her heart had been pounding in her chest all morning. He’d show up, of that she was sure, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t any less nervous.

“Bart get your feet off the table.”

She felt her breath catch in her throat at the sound of his familiar voice, but she wouldn’t turn. Even if turning around and telling him hello wasn’t wrong, she didn’t want to take the chance of giving anything away.

“Hey! None for me!?” Bart exclaimed as he watched Oliver passing him by.

“No.” He kicked Bart’s feet, ignoring his exclamation, and headed towards Chloe. Her back was to him, and he smirked, knowing that she was purposely ignoring him. Stopping behind her, just close enough that she could feel him against her back, he placed the cup in front of her. “That isn’t a very good welcome for someone who stopped to get you coffee.”

She did her best to fight against the goofy grin that spread over her face. It was pointless though. When she turned around and looked up at him he was smirking. “I’m very, very sorry.”

“I suppose you can make it up to me later then.” He said, hinting at the things he’d had in mind since he’d woken up that morning. “Considering it’s Saturday night, and I know you have no plans…”

She felt foolish for a moment as she studied his face. The boys behind her were watching their exchange with interest, but Oliver didn’t seem to care. Her nerves finally began to settle, and it wasn’t hard, not with Oliver Queen standing in front of her charming her into a giggly school girl. “What did you have in mind?”

“I had a lot of things in mind.” He smirked and lowered his head, bringing his lips to her ear. “But most of them aren’t for discussion in front of company.”

Her chest tightened and she fought against the urge to lean into him. He was evil.

“Okay come on!” Bart exclaimed. “Stop hitting on Tower! Man, like seeing someone hit on my mother.”

“I’d have to agree.” AC commented.

“Maybe later.” Oliver whispered and straightened up. Turning around he glared at the men behind him. “Last time I checked you all were guests. If you want to leave go right ahead.”

“So are you!”

Chloe shook her head with a sigh and turned back to her computer. They continued to argue turning what should have been a short meeting into a longer one. It didn’t really matter though, she wasn’t in any rush.

“Now if you’re done complaining…” Oliver snapped and turned back to Chloe. Settling a hand on her back he leaned down. “Ready?”

When she turned her head behind her she smiled softly. “Yea.” His hand slid along her back and gripped her waist as he pulled her away from her computer. All her concern, all her fears were gone. And thanks to one great skanky dress she was happy again.

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