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Title: Crave 2/?
Rating: R
Summary: Oliver thought the worst thing he had to deal with was Chloe's costume, he was mistaken.
Notes: Very late for Chlollieween. Banner by [ profile] gen717. For[ profile] fickery, since you wrote me for me Chloe's First Time With the Green Arrow, in my words sex with the Green Arrow. :P Also, I'm thinking this might have one more chapter, but it could have two. Let's hope it doesn't take me until next Halloween to complete it.

Part 1

He sighed, lifting up his wrist and glancing at his watch for at least the fourth time. At least fifteen minutes had passed since he’d put a stop to the dangerous path they were on, one that only had one end in sight. She shuddered against him, breath warm on his neck, fingers tightening on his neck, nails biting against his skin. Her legs clenched, squeezing his hips. Dropping his hand to her back again his smoothed it over the bare skin. “Are you okay?” He whispered into her ear, blond hair brushing his lips as he spoke.
Slowly, Chloe nodded, grateful that he had continued to hold her, even as she resisted the urge to press herself onto him. “Sorry, I know this can’t be that comfortable for you.”
“I think we can both admit that you were affected by something that was out of your control, I on the other hand did everything of my own free will.”
“What are you talking about?” She whispered, pressing her forehead against his neck and relaxing for what felt like the first time in hours, but had really only been about twenty minutes.
Swallowing nervously, he explained. “That I wanted you of my own free will.”
His words set her off again and she slid her hands into his blond hair, cupping the back of his head and canting her hips forward, inhaling sharply at the feel of him pressed against her core. The hand on her back tensed, gripping her.
“Not a good idea.” He mumbled, willing his body to relax. “We need to get you out of here.”
“What?” Chloe sat up, pressing her hands into his shoulders, keeping him at arms length. He opened his mouth to speak, but she already knew what he was going to say. Pushing herself off of him, grateful that she felt as if she had some control over her body, she stepped back. “No, if anything I’m more determined.” The man that held her before, that tried to soothe her, bring her down from the lust and craving that Damon sparked within her, was gone. Anger flashed in Oliver’s eyes.
“Determined?” Oliver snapped and stood up, closing the distance between them, using his height to his advantage, towering over her. “We don’t know what he is or how to stop him, and you want to go out there and flaunt yourself around as bait?”
“Chloe,” he grasped her arms roughly, not caring about the startled gasp that passed her lips, or the way her green eyes widened in shock. Yanking her towards him, plastering her chest against his own, he lowered his head. “He wants you, he’s going to do the same thing again, and you won’t be able to stop him. You won’t be able to say no, and then you’ll be dead just like those other woman.”
She gaped up at him, shocked by the intensity of his words, the hard grip on her arms, the anger in his eyes.
“Hey, what are the two of you-.” Hal stopped short seeing the situation in front of him. “Whoa. Everything okay?”
Oliver dropped his hands from her, and stepped away, needing to put the distance between them, but never breaking his eyes from her own. “No, Chloe wants to move ahead with the mission, regardless of the fact that if Damon gives it another go she won’t be able to resist him.”
“Resist him?” The pair in front of him turned, looking at him. “You mean like...I mean...”
Chloe rolled her eyes with an irritable sigh. “What Oliver is trying to say Hal is that he’s worried I’m going to turn into a wanton little harlot and make myself easy prey.”
“Because that is exactly what is going to happen,” Oliver said harshly as he turned his head to face her. Glaring at her one more time he turned to fully face Hal. “It’s lust, she can’t control it. Damon would have her on her back in four seconds flat and she wouldn’t even say no.”
His words stung her, but Chloe resisted the urge to argue or even slap him like her hand itched to3, only because she knew it was true. Ever fiber in her being was telling her to turn and run, but... “It’s our only choice. I leave, he finds another woman. A woman that has no idea who he is or what he can do. One who has no idea how to protect herself and doesn’t have the two of you backing her up.”
Hal sighed, feeling almost as if he was the tie breaker here. “She’s right Oliver.”
Oliver scoffed, smiling with a shake of his head, but there was no humor. “The two of you are unbelievable.”
“Ollie...” Chloe began gently, trying to placate him. Arguing inside the VIP room in a club where the owner was suspected of supernatural murder wasn’t exactly a great idea.
“Don’t Ollie me,” Oliver snapped angrily.
“Maybe you should back off of this one,” Hal suggested neutraly, not sure if he had made the right decision to suggest it or not. Oliver wasn’t going to leave Chloe, even if it might have been in his best interest.
“What?” Oliver asked sharply, turning his head to face Hal again.
“Let me take it. I’ll go back out with Chloe. Oliver, you’re going to blow this.” Oliver was already backed into a corner, Hal suspected he was only riling him up even more by suggesting he remove himself, poking at him, prodding until Oliver finally blew.
“Hal, I don’t think-.”
“No,” Oliver waved Chloe off and focused on Hal, “I’d like to know what the hell you’re insinuating.”
Chloe groaned, glancing nervously at the curtain, worried that at any moment Damon might come through, or worse somehow he knew what was going on. They didn’t have time for arguments.
“You’re to close,” Hal said bluntly. “You’re emotionally involved.”
Hal’s words drew her attention from the curtain. Perhaps she could have understand what he meant about Oliver being to close. Oliver had been her friend for a long time, and if she was honest he rated right up there with Lois and Clark. In fact, on quite a few occasions, she can remember preferring his company to theirs. Oliver understood her, better then they did, and sometimes, it just seemed he was a bit more committed to her then they were. Except it wasn’t that part that struck her as odd, it was the fact that Hal thought he was emotionally involved. Friendship was about emotions...but still...”What do you mean?”
“He means nothing.” Oliver said firmly to Chloe but kept his eyes on Hal. He moved to grab her wrist, determined to drag her out, but she resistet.
Snatching her wrist back Chloe looked up into Hal’s face. “What do you mean?”
Hal sighed in irritation. “I wish the two of you weren’t so thick.” Shaking his head and closing his eyes for a brief moment, trying to find the words to quickly explain what the two adults in front of him couldn’t realize. “We don’t have time for this. Oliver has feelings for you, he’s having some problems dealing with the fact that other men are noticing you and that you’ve become the most recent target of Damon. And I’m pretty sure you, Chloe, return Oliver’s feeling, but your much better at hiding them.” Neither liked his response, Chloe blushing and looking away and Oliver glaring daggers at him in return. “Look,” Hal began, looking at Oliver pointedly, “Chloe isn’t leaving and you aren’t leaving her. Put aside your concern for one moment and look at this like an actual mission. Chloe has given an us opportunity, one that we may not get again, if we don’t take it, there may be more lives lost. And Chloe’s right, at least she has us.”
Chloe glanced between the two men, at the invisible battle of wills. Although Oliver seemed a bit more in battle mode then Hal. “Hal, give us a minute.” He glanced at her, his eyes wary at her request. It wasn’t that he was concerned about them being in a room together...they were wasting time. “It won’t take long. We’ll meet you at the bar.” Finally, he nodded. At first she was relieved, but when he exited, leaving her alone with Oliver, she only felt anxiety. Slowly, she turned to face him. “Ollie...”
“Uh uh.” Oliver shook his head, grounding his teeth together. “Don’t you Ollie me. Like I can’t tell when you are about to lay it on.”
Regardless of whether that was what she was doing, Chloe moved forward, grasping his biceps and looked into his eyes, even though he seemed to be looking past her. “This isn’t the first dangerous situation that we’ve been in, and it won’t be the last. And you’ve gotten us out of them before. It will be fine.”
“Fine?” Oliver snapped and looked down on her. “You know what he did to you,” he grounded out angrily. “You know what he can do, and I’m pretty sure that was just a taste of it.”
“Then you know why we have to go forward with it. You know, just as much as I do we can’t leave him here to prey on other woman. This is our only chance Ollie.” The anger in his eyes wasn’t as evident as she spoke. “Please.” Then suddenly his shoulders slumped, his head dropped slightly and he sighed. Knowing he had surrendered to her wishes she stepped closer, pressing one hand to his chest and grasped the lapel of his jacket. “As long as you’re there I’ll be fine.”
As long as he was there she said, not anyone else, just him. Without thinking, or any warning, Oliver stepped forward, slid his hand into her hair and dropped his face to her own, pressing his lips against her red plump ones. Her body arched into his and he was more then aware of when she grasped the other lapel, pulling him closer. Pulling away quickly, Oliver pressed his forehead against her own, staring down into her green eyes. “When this is over, we are going to have a very long talk.”
Chloe nodded, more then ready to admit that the time to hide feelings was over . “Okay.”
With a sigh Oliver pulled his hand away, but quickly slid his arm around her waist holding her to his. “We’ll find Hal, then head to a bar closer to Damon.”
Chloe nodded.  “I’m going to have to talk to him. Alone.” His jaw hardened and Chloe would have sworn she saw a vein ticking ticking in his neck. “Oliver, we can’t prove anything in the middle of a club with you at my side. Just stay close.”
“Swear to me,” Oliver said firmly, “you won’t walk off with him. If he gets you alone...”
“I know,” Chloe said gently and touched his cheek with her hand.
Only slightly satisfied, Oliver nodded. “Alright let’s get this over with.” Because the only thing he wanted to do was get her out of there.
Oliver held her against him, her back plastered against his chest. His arm was slung loosely around her waist, hand resting on her hip, but was ready to tighten at any moment if it had to. As luck would have it, Damon seemed to be preoccupied elsewhere. Glancing out of the corner of his eyes he spotted Hal a few feet down, entertaining a pair of blonds. Lowering his head, he brought his lips closer to her ear. “If he doesn’t set his sights on you again, we’re going to have to come up with a plan b.”
Chloe turned her head to look up at him and respond, but when she did so, the proximity of his face to her own startled her. Oliver though, didn’t appear to be shaken by the fact that their lips were only inches away. As her eyes strayed from his lips, and found his eyes, she was even more surprised by the intense look she found there. In the  darkened club his eyes appeared black, and for a moment she was captivated by them, unable to turn away or much less speak.
From the moment they’d exited the private booth she couldn’t remember Oliver not touching her. When Hal had finally decided to step away, attempt to draw Damon out on his own, Oliver had slid his arm around her waist, guiding her body back against his own. It had taken some time before she had been able to relax in his embrace. Some of it was for show, but Chloe couldn’t ignore the growing need for his body against her own. Slowly, she pressed her back against his chest, molding her body to his own.
It had been easy to permit the physical contact when she wasn’t looking at him, but now that she was, tension filled the air again.
It was to dark to see minor movements, but their proximity made it easy for her to see the way his eyes flickered.
“He’s going to the bar,” Oliver whispered. “About eight feet from where we are standing, behind you.”
“Okay,” Chloe said in a hushed whisper, still captivated by Oliver and not as concerned about Damon as she should have been. It was easy to forget about their target in the veil of darkness, bodies shielding them, music pounding around them and Oliver so close she could lift her chin just barely and touch her lips to his own.
“Hal’s going to talk to him,” Oliver reminded her, but it wasn’t necessarily their plan he was currently thinking over. Instead his mind was filled with ideas of leaning forward, claiming her lips. It would have been so easy. “You’ll need to give him something to look at.”
“Like what?” She asked breathlessly, wondering if the distance between them had somehow become smaller.
Lowering his head until his nose brushed her cheek, Oliver brought a hand up and slid it into the hair at the nape of her neck to cradle her head. “Promise me, you won’t do anything stupid.”
“I promise,” she said without thinking.
The scene played out just as Oliver thought it would. Hal’s easy going manner, and the ease in which he attracted women was bound to draw Damon in. Grasping Chloe's hip he turned her so that she was facing him, placing his hand at the lowest portion of her back, where the bare skin met sequined fabric. Even then he marveled at how much of her was exposed. His hand was resting just were the dress began and he could feel the rise of her backside beneath his fingers. Turning their bodies just slightly, giving Damon a view of Chloe that he would most likely appreciate, but one Oliver much preferred to have covered. “This wasn’t supposed to happen like this.”
Chloe swallowed not just at his words, but the way his hand pressed her closer. The space he had initially left when turning her was gone. The new position forced her to turn her head up higher, and for the sake of keeping her balance she slid her hands up his chest and wrapped her arms around his neck. “What?”
“Us in this position. It doesn’t seem fair that when I finally do get to touch you it’s just for his benefit, not my own.” With his head lowered, Chloe partially blocked Damn from seeing his face, making it much easier for Oliver to spy what was going on behind her back, and he wished he wouldn’t have. “He’s seen you.”
Emotions of all kinds flooded Chloe in that moment. Fear of Damon’s power, what Oliver would do, how to handle Damon if she did find herself in the position that Oliver wasn’t around, and warring with that was excitement over what Oliver had just said. “Touch me how?” A second passed and he closed the distance between them. In that moment she didn’t breathe, awaiting his lips. But his lips didn’t touch her’s, not really. They gently brushed the corner of her mouth and trailed over her cheek until she could feel his warm breath against her ear.
“Like I have a right to run my hands over your skin,” Oliver whispered into her ear and slid his hand down her ass and lower until he brushed the edges of the fringe and felt the back of her bare thigh. Pressing a kiss behind her ear Oliver brought his other hand to her back, keeping her pressed against him as he leaned into her.
As his hand moved up again she regretted this loss of it, but then immediately gasped as it slid under her dress, fully in contact with the bare skin of her thigh and then her ass. His whole hand settled over one ass cheek, and grasped it, pulling her hips against his own. If his hand up her dress weren't enough, the beginning of an erection pressed against her sent her over the edge. Chloe gasped, dropping her head back.
Oliver felt the jerk of her hips against his and the carefully laid plans he had in mind, to make Chloe appealing to Damon, backfired. Squeezing the plump flesh tighter he attacked her neck, no longer using chaste kisses.
Chloe whimpered as he drew her ear into his mouth, teeth grazing her flesh. Whether on purpose or not, his hand readjusted, slightly lower then before, but squeezing her ass just as roughly. This time though he was closer to the juncture of her thighs. Her insides clenched at the realization of how close he was to her core. Never would she have imagined that she would be wishing for his hand to slip slightly so that his fingers could fill her. The thought alone made her wet. It wasn’t like earlier, when it was Damon effecting her. Then she had been in a haze of lust, barely aware of where she was or that Oliver was next to her. When she did finally see him, thoughts of who he was and what he meant to her didn’t matter, what mattered was easing the need, and he was there. But this, it was different.
Oliver’s hand clenched in her hair involuntarily when her hips jerked into his. With his hand clutching her ass he yanked her up and against him, lifted his head from her neck and brought her face to his own to claim her lips in a brutal kiss.
His tongue thrust into her mouth, caressing her tongue. It was frustrating that they had to remain there, playing their rolls, when all she wanted to do was leave with him. One minute they were nothing but friends, and the next they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. Chloe could freely admit the tension had been brewing for some time, but she had no idea the result would have been so intense. It was for show, but Chloe knew without a doubt it was honest.
Oliver pulled his mouth away, just far enough that he could talk. “I know I said we were going to talk when this was over,” Oliver began, his lips caressing her as he spoke, “but we are going to do much more then talk.”
“Agreed,” Chloe responded, fantasies of letting him take her back to the clocktower and fucking her senseless filling her head. Then suddenly the dark, intense look on his face fell away and his face relaxed. His hand was still up her dress, pressing her body against his own, but the small smile on her face said something totally different.
“You know it isn’t just this.” Oliver said gently. “There is more to the way I feel, it goes deeper then this.”
Without thinking, she slid one hand, from where it had found itself grasping his hair, to his face and cradled his cheek. “I know, me too.”
Oliver sighed, grateful that she felt the same way, but realizing that she couldn’t remain in his arms any longer. “I’m going to walk to the bathhroom, stay here, near Hal. If we’re lucky, he’ll approach you while I’m gone.” She nodded in response, wide green eyes staring at him. At that moment he was reluctant to let her go, feeling as if he was leaving her without his protection, placing her out in the open as bate, and that should have been the last thing he should have done. You don’t put someone who means so much to you in danger, you protect them. It was a bitter pill to swallow. Slowly, he slipped his hand from underneath her dress and released the blond strands tangles in his fingers.
Chloe kept her eyes on his until they broke away, and even then she watched him retreat, the crowd swallowing him. With a regretful sigh she turned back to the bar, suddenly conscious of the fact that Damon was close. For a moment she marveled at the fact that Oliver had somehow made her forget the impending danger. It hadn’t been just his hands on her skin, his body against hers, or his kisses It was the fact that she knew with him, she was safe.
Nothing about the situation Oliver found himself in him had him very pleased. The goal was for Damon to approach Chloe, and he very quickly did so, but Oliver was less then happy about it. As much as he wanted to get Damon off the streets he wanted Chloe away from him more.
Oliver stayed in the background, watching them. Never once letting his eyes stray from her.
Then suddenly a body bumped into him, and without thinking, he glanced down. A woman with a head full of black hair and dressing in something resembling Cleopatra looked up at him, a slow smile spreading across her face. He stared at her, watching as she slid her hands up his chest, pressed her hips against his. Oliver’s response was immediate, the lust unable to control. Grasping her hip, he lowered his head. Dark eyes stared up at him. It was only the deep color of those eyes, outlined in dark liner, that made him recall the ones he had stared into moments earlier. Chloe’s face flashed before him, her green eyes, long lashes framing them, a gold shimmering shadow highlighting them. The woman in front of him wasn’t Chloe, and regardless of the sudden urge for this strange women he knew Chloe was the only one he really craved. Thrusting the strange body away he looked up sharply to where he last spotted Chloe at the bar. She was gone.

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YAYAY! YOU UPDATED! I love this freaking story! :) MORE PLEASE!

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plot thickens....can't wait for more....

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I thought you have abandoned this story but am so glad you have updated it!

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Thank you so much for this update... i love this story... can't wait for the next chapter...

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Your welcome! I'm glad you liked it!

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Wha... This story is incredible. Not only is it HOT as all Frak but the intensity is nearly unbearable. (that's a compliment:) I literally feel heartbroken that there isn't more, freaking cliffhanger! You must continue this semi-immediately and the comment above freaked me out! I have fic abandonment issues:) This is really well written. It is super hard to write suspense, delicious sexual tension and witty dialogue (love Hal, lol) in such an awesome and natural way and you have mastered it. I love the narrative too, the costumes and the setting, I totally picture a Modern Moulon Rouge or something... Anyways, enough rambling, you get the idea. You Rock! Keep writing:)

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Thanks for the reviews. It was very hard to right this. The build up of angst...the sexual tension. It was slooooow. And I'm glad you like the setting. I love writing fics in a really cool setting, taking them out of their element, even when it comes to their clothes.

I don't plan on abandoning this. How quickly I will get it done is a different story. But I'm going to try not to drag my feet.

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2012. LOL

This was worth the wait, but don't make us wait for the next chapter because the way you let it hanging was mean.

Crave is one of my favorite fics you wrote and I'm really really glad you updated.

This was awesome. And you're awesome.

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I know, bad cliff hanger right? But I wanted to get it up and it was better to end it hear before I got into what happens with Damon and Chloe or it would have been double in length.

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yay! So happy you finally continued this!

Very intense update! Not to mention super hot!
Loved it!

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Thanks for the review!

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You updated! YAY!!!!

OMG! Apparently Damon isn't the only one with lust-inducing powers (that's unnatural, since Oliver's come naturally... just one look and... OKAY... back to my comment...). Dis Hal get a dose too? Oh my, where's Chloe?

Can't wait for the next chapter...

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Damon gave everyone a dose to get them occupied to steal Chloe away.

So you can only imagine how much Chloe got of it...

Crave Part 3 Please!!!

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Love this fic! Originally found it on Instantly had me craving for more!!! (Pun intended) Love the characterization of Hal, Chloe, and Oliver ... you bring them alive with your dialogue. You write the sexual tension between Oliver and Chloe - bar none. Thanks for updating ... I eagerly await the next installment.

Re: Crave Part 3 Please!!!

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Thanks for the great review! And I'm glad I got the sexual tension right. Wasn't the easiest to write.

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\o/ Yaaaaay. I was totally getting ready to harass and stalk you if you didn't live up to your end of the deal. :D Awesome update, definitely lived up to the first chapter. SO. HOT. I can picture this all so easily in my head, with the costumes and the nightclub and the music and Ollie and Chloe suddenly unable to keep their hands off each other. Can't wait to read the next chapter!

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haha. Well I knew I needed to get it done. I think I kind of got back into the groove of it, hopefully.

I love using nightclub scenes. In my opinion it kind of goes with that sexy/angsty kind of mood. Plus, there dress is going to be different, which I have fun playing with. If that made ANY sense.

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Oh wow!! The Chlollie was intense!!!!

Love how Hal had to spell it out for them to realize for each other!!!!

Where's Chloe????? Dun, dun, dunnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

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Chloe and Oliver needed a little help. I think they have the hang of it now. :)

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So hot and intriguing !!!
Can't wait to read the next chapter!

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Thanks for the review!

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So glad to see you're continuing this. I'm sorry I haven't been around. My aunt passed away this week, and I haven't had time these past few days. I'll talk to you soon.

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That's okay! You've been a lot of help, you have nothing to apologize for.

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Yay for the update. I love this fic. Intense and wow, you write a teaste of smut like no one else. Fanstasic, I hope in his worry to reach Chloe thought that he doesn't dismiss the fact that this woman is obviously in on the plot.

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I'm really glad you like it! I wanted to keep sure to keep it just pushing NC17 all the way through.

You know when I wrote it I didn't think of it coming across this way, but the girl that approached Oliver, she isn't in on it. It was Damon orchestrating it all, so he effected the woman and Oliver just to get Chloe away.

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I'm so happy that you've updated this fic. It's amazingly intense on several levels..;))

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I love this story... i'm so happy to read another chapter... can't wait for more...


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