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So over the past six months I've just felt this inevitable end, of Chlollie I mean. I need a muse to work, and when the show doesn't go on, well I'll lose the muse. So I know, within a year, the muse will be gone and I'll stop writing for Chlollie. At least that is how it is for me.

Now I'm just getting sentimental...I've been writing fanfiction since I was about 15, I'm 28 now. But overall, Chlollie is by far the most important to me.

Writing isn't only the hobbie, as I told Fickery the other day, being a Chlollie fan is a hobby.

I'm really grateful for all the writing I've been able to do for this fandom. I've had so much fun and talked to so many people.

Gen, was my inspiration from the beginning when I first started digging in, before I came to LJ and has still been there for me, years later.

From there I met two really good friends...Sly and Lucy. When talking to yall it wasn't just talking about Chlollie or Smallville but real life and I remember having bad days where I may have had a drunken rampage and you two listened. And then you listened to when I needed help.

Sly, I know you heard a lot of my craziness...we talked like long lost BFF's.

Lucy, thanks for editing all of my crap and being there to bounce my ideas off of, even though half the time we didn't agree. :P But I love that about you, we could tell each other we didn't like the others idea and it was okay. We're two old fanfic writers on a porch.

Corina, you are to nice for your own good, like sugar that is too sweet. :P And I mean that in a good way lol. Thanks for editing my fics and I'm so glad you like Dean and Jo. To bad I jumped onto the fandom to late.

Claudia (kc_2009), thank you so much for making so many great banners for me. Whether they were for awards or just for myself you never complained and they were always beautiful. I keep telling you I owe you a fic. Give me a plot.

Juliete (geekorunique) I feel like I'm bitching to my twin. When we disagree, please let me know, because it will be a miracle.

Kayla, I love fangirling with you. And I LOVE your pictures. I swear to god if we lived near each other we would be a bunch of stalkers. :)

Fickery, we don't chat much, but somehow I think we are pretty much alike and have fun. Maybe it's because you like writing while drinking wine :P And you are just as bitch as me.

Those are only a few of the people that have come to be important to me....but being apart of the Chlollie fandom is like being apart of a family. So the fact that I know everyone is going to lose interest eventually makes me sad. I can't imagine finding another fandom I am as involved with as this one. *sigh*

Anyway, to being sentimental again....For shits and giggles I decided to post some pictures from my actual real life for the hell of it. The first picture is of me, Liane, and my husband, Justin.

The second is me and my son.

I love all of yall, and I swear when I die I'll get engraved on my tombstone 'Chlollie Endgame' :P Or at the very least get it tattooed on my ass so it's huge when I get old. :)

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 This is NOT a review of Masquerade lol.This is more poor attempt to see if anyone wants to comment and made me feel better.

So after seeing Oliver be marked withe darkness or whatever. It was like a punch to my Chlollie heart. Kinda sucked all the fun (and muse) out of it for me. Let's not forget that preview where Chloe says 'We really did get married' and Clark is holding a ring.

So there are some things I do know. They have been really putting the Chlollie relationship up front. So why ruin it when it seems that Chloe and Oliver want nothing more then to be with one another. Especially after their conversation at the end of Masquerade. It's the last season and quite possibly the end of Chloe's run. We know they want to end her on a happy note, I just can't see them doing this with the darkness infecting Oliver and this goofy marriage thing

I'm not quite sure where they are going with the darkness and Oliver. What bothers me is that next week is Chloe's last episode (that we know of) so he will go on to be infected by this without her? It just doesn't seem right...

As for the marriage thing, yes, I am well aware not to trust anything, especially in a preview. it could very well turn out that it WAS Olive and Chloe got married. I hope so. I mean really,  why would the writers want to taint everything by having Clark and Chloe accidentally get married?

So anyone who actually read this, talk me out of feeling down. Pleeeeease.


Oct. 6th, 2010 10:16 pm
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So I'm trying to outline a fic I want to write. You know you're in school....they say create an outline. The best way to write a good paper. Screw that. Because now that I started the outline the fic seems boring. I mean I don't want chapters laid out from beginning to end and then having this dark cloud hanging over my head AKA the last scene I have outlined for that chapter.

I mean I want to remember all the ideas I had, but tdamn, outlining them takes the fun out of it. This is booooring.
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So Lazarus. Wow. I kind of feel I want to write, but at the risk of harping on about angsty fic, I'm resisting. Honestly, I'd rather write something separate. But I'm still a little down from the events of last night, so while I want to write, the 'humph' isn't there yet. Maybe when it where's off a bit.

On top of it a have a few fic obligations hanging over my head like a damn ghost haunting me.

Top that off with a shitty afternoon....

And there you go. I'd love nothing more then to rid my house of everyone and eat cake and drink wine (if I didn't have a headache, but I took enough to take care of THAT soon).

So as fics stand now I have two that have to be done SOON and having a bit of trouble with them. I've also started a multi chapter fic. Whether it will be posted I'm not sure. It's totally AU. Like everything that you've seen of Oliver in Smallville, scratch it. I've still got it in me to write it, but having these two others stories hanging over my head is kind of weighing me down. I really hope I can complete the multi chapter fic. Usually I post as I write, but considering it has been a VERY long time since I've taken on a multi chapter fic I'd like to write a bit and feel it out first.

I just want to let everyone know who I chatted with last night I had a ball. It was fun to start chatting with everyone again now that the season started. I love it. It's like reviving a whole part of my life that has gone a bit dormant. If I'm lucky it will get me writing again more. I think last year around this time I was popping out like a one shot every three days. Don't know how of course lol.

About Lazarus, I'm assuming we will have no clue as to what will be going on with Chloe, unless it is second hand information, and even with that I don't foresee it being that much. I can only imagine someone will be taking that fic upon them. Writing her time away and how she gets back to Oliver. Would love to see it, don't really want to write it.

Done for now I think, not sure what I'm going to do now....

Go Saints!

Sep. 20th, 2010 10:41 pm
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Chlollie Season Ten vs. Saints second Superbowl. *cringe*

I can't help it! I'm sorry! I mean if I had a bunch of people sitting around for Smallville and taking shots every time there was a Chlollie moment and screaming it might make a differnce.
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I ALMOST wrote a fic today lol. Made Lucy give me ideas, but yea it went nowhere. On the bright side I'm done with nomination banners.

Of course once I started posting my own I got annoyed that my fics aren't archived. I have a pretty decent tag selection. But tags are annoying still. Even when someone uses them appropriately. I'd much rather have a list of all my fics and a list of their chapters.

Then that makes me regret that I never did put PREVIOUS and NEXT links at the bottom of the chapters for my multi chapter fics. Because I hate reading someones fic and having to go back for the next chapter.

Then another thing annoyed me. When I first joined LJ I copied my fics from Well the formatting was screwy, so LJ didn't take the return. So instead of their being a space between each paragraph there is nothing and it looks like a jumble of words almost. I HATE it. I could go back and try to re copy and paste and see if it takes, but I'm not sure. I do save my fics, but they are so old I'm not sure what copy I saved *sigh*.

So I think I will try to start a master fic list. As for the other issues...I don't know. Because once I start making Next and Previous links I have to look at the horrible formatting from my older fics. Because most of my multi-chapter fics are older fics.

But the nomination banners will be done tomorrow and I'm counting run off votes tomorrow. Unfortunately the awards banners will be waiting until next week most likely. They aren't done yet (I haven't counted run off votes either so don't know all the winners) and I have my stupid ten year reunion. As much as I'm dreading it I still bought a $128 dress. What was I thinking? But I loooove it. Chloe needs it in green.
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So I've come to the decision it's time to take a bit of a hiatus. I'm a bit dried up right now. I mean the ideas are still there, but the urge is gone. I sit there, want to write, and nothing. My life is a bit stressful right now, so I'm sure that has a lot to do with it, but I've been lacking in creativity for a couple of months now I think.

You know a couple of days ago I did some posts about some fics I want to finish or write sequels too, and I really still do. I just can't make myself sit down and do it.

So I want to see if a hiatus will help. Maybe with some time, and my personnel issues get out the way I'll be ready to get back on the wagon again.

Now I don't mean I will be disappearing, just not writing really. I still am committed to the fic exchange and finishing the Round Robin though, so you can count on that. Plus, I'm going to finish the awards.

Thanks to everyone who responded back with positive comments when I posted about wanting to do a sequel to Filling the Void and Uncle Brucey. I've been so horrible and responding to comments. I never used to be so bad. Which makes me think it's time to take a break.

Hopefully, come Season 10, I'm ready to go.


P.S. Lucy, I beat you to it. HA!
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I want to do a sequel to Filling the Void. I LOVED that story so much. I mean to me at least it seemed a bit original and different. I guess because it was pre season 9. And I always loved angsty Oliver.

The problem is I liked what I did with that fic so much I'm scared that a sequel might turn out to be a bit cliche and not live up to the first. I'm not saying it's the greatest fic ever, but out of what I've written I'd have to say this is not only one of my favorites but was written with more detail abd better then others.

So I've got a couple of random ideas in my head, but none of them as exciting for me as Filling the Void.


Aug. 5th, 2010 02:55 pm
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So Im rambling via my phone at work.

Im going to try and start counting the votes for the Chlollie awards. Having my husband print out the votes at work. I copy and pasted into an email. And felt so silly with all the chlollie icons. Lets not forget that there was a smut category. I was able to delete the icons lol.

On another note, if anyone is interested Im going to be posting a Supernatural Dean/Jo fic tonight (shut it Sly). If anyone is interested.

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I feel a bit lost having nothing to post. On the bright side I am working on something. Hope to finish it soon.

Also a plus, I got some reading done. Non fanfiction reading. Caught up on the most recent books in the Black Jewels Series. They were pretty good. Read both of them in two days. I have a book around the house some where I was supposed to read part of the Greywalker series. Need to find it. Barnes and Noble is your friend.

Oh, and my son is having a Batman birthday bowling party. Sorry Green Arrow. But the boy likes Batman. You may be cool and hot on Smallville but to a soon to be four year old...not so much. Watched Justice League: Crisis of Two Earths the other day. Got it for my son. He fell asleep, I watched it. So the bad GA, from the other earth...LAME! God! He had like two seconds and he was a big sissy! Uh! My son was looking at a Batman coloring book I got him at Barnes and Noble. And he asked who that guy was with the bow and arrow...

You know what has been hanging over my head like a damn dark cloud. The Origin of Uncle Brucey. Nothing bothers me like that fic does. I just want to finish it. I know what is going to happen. All of it. I just can't write it. Life is making it VERY difficult to get things done. Lots of stress within the next few months.
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It's depressing enough looking at oil covered birds covered in least we can find a way to make fun of BP.

New Layout!

Jun. 6th, 2010 01:07 am
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Look at my new layout! Just pimping it out to those people who get my alerts.

Lucy[ profile] smallvillefics put together this great layout for me by thefulcrum. Thanks Lucy! Now I finally look like a REAL Chlollie fan! Yaya!
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So my son was playing with all his super hero toys and their respective bad guys with his dad (my husband). He usually opts for Batman. Next usually comes Spiderman, Iron Man, and Wolverine. Then there are a few others after that Superman, Robin etc.

Anyway, so he was playing with his dad yesterday, and to tell you the truth my son makes him play like every afternoon. You know the usual. Bad guys versus good guys. Beat each other up. So out of curiosity, with fanfiction in mind, I asked him WHY he liked Batman better then Superman. I mean quite a few of my chlollie fics feature both of them. And I mean Superman has all these cool powers and Batman is just your regular joe. Well needless to say I couldn't get an answer out of him. I guess this is what I get for trying to do research for fanfiction by interviewing a three year old.

So needless to say I still don't know why Batman is cooler. He mentioned something about Batman having a mask and bats. But I hardly thing that is reason enough lol. Oh well.

I guess we are having a Batman birthday party this year.
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Lucy...AKA...[info]smallvillefics said that "Dinah Rocks. She's amazing.Lex & chloe are going to get it on and end the world together." (quote from her AIM, I saved it.)

I just wanted to let everyone know that the person that we thought shipped Chlollie is actually an evil women who has been shipping other disgusting couples the entire time.

And you know what Lucy, even the devil ships Chlollie, and he is going to damn you. Evil, evil woman.
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Felt like making a random post. Been stuck in the house all day because of nasty weather and my husband pulled a muscle in his neck last night so any plans for today were scratched. Which is okay, because I cleaned house yesterday and I didn't have to clean it today. And thank god he pulled the muscle after we cleaned lol.

Tried working on part two to 'The Origin of Uncle Brucey' but no luck. I don't know what my problem is. I've been writing, just not that fic. I still love the Love Over Time series and have every intention of writing more stories for it, but I need to finish this one. Part 2 is already planned out, I think it's knowing all that I have to accomplish in part 2 which is weighing me down. Que Lucy, she'd get at getting me motivated. I need help.

I am working on a one shot though. Hoping to have it finished tonight. One word....Lex.

BTW to all the chlolliers, my son is three and he loves super heroes. X-Men, Spiderman, Batman, not so much Superman. To tell you the truth I think Superman is boring to him. And I guess I could see that, he is a little goody two shoes. i mean Spider man is a bit too, but come on, being able to climb up buildings and shoot webs is cool for a three year old. Anyway, so I was trying to find a cartoon for him a couple of nights ago and I saw Batman the Brave was on, I think that is what it was called. So I'm like 'oh, look! batman is on!' So he is excited and I put it on and there is batman and then it flashes to this woman with blond hair and a black costume. You know like a bathing suit. And I'm thinking that is NOT Black Canary. So I hit info and what do you know. It's the fucking Black Canary on some stupid special singing episode of Batman. I mean not only is the whole concept of a singing cartoon Batman episode RIDICULOUS, but then the BLACK CANARY?! So I was seriously offended. So I changed it. So then he is like. 'Mom! Why'd you change it!' 'Sorry, it was lame, you really didn't want to watch it. They were just singing.' Luckily he bought it. I mean I think he would have hated it anyway, the whole singing, please. Why would a little boy want to watch Batman The Brave: The Musical. Besides....I was NOT letting my son watching that tramp. Sorry for the hate lol.

Well back to writing. I've felt like a hermit all day. Husband in bed, three year old cooped up in the house. (Who spit on me earlier might I add so he has been sent to his room with no TV for the rest of the day.) Now it's just me, my laptop, and the TV.
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Okay, I finally got my tags in order. It wasn't fun, but everything should be strait for all my stores.


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