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Title: A Queen Surprise 1/1
Rating: PG
Summary: Chloe has an unexpected surprise for Oliver.
Notes: Thank you [ profile] fickery for editing for me and making me not sound like an idiot. :)

I have a note at the end. :)

A Queen Surprise 1/1 )
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Title: Welcome Home
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Being gone a week was to long.
Notes: Post Warrior. Dedicated to Kayla, we were talking about Just Hartley's body and his arms last night. It sparked this.
Welcome Home )
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Title: The First Night 1/1
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Mr. and Mrs. Queen's first night in Star City.
Notes: I'm not to happy with this. It seemed fine when I wrote it last night, but as I edited it I was less then impressed. Wrote this in response to Chlolliemoon on the Chlollie LJ. Didn't come from a prompt, but I figure it fit. :)

The First Night 1/1 )
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Title: A Working Wife and Her Billionaire Husband
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Chloe experiences her first bump in the road when it comes to starting over and being Oliver Queen's wife.
Notes: Happy Birthday Gen! Here is your birthday fic! It wasn't exactly what you requested, but I hope you like it. :)
BTW, just to get myself in the zone I looked at homes in San Francisco, this is the one I had in mind when writing this.

A Working Wife and Her Billionaire Husband 1/1 )
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Title: Bird Hunting Season 1/1
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Summary: Chloe had traded herself for Oliver, to save the world...and that tramp was going to come in swinging her hips and batting her eyelashes, laying concerned hands on Oliver? Not on her watch.
Notes: This is set before Chloe comes back in Season 10.
Bird Hunting Season 1/1 )
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Title: Letting Go 1/1
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Chloe let's go, in more ways then one.
Notes: Thank you[ profile] smallvillefics for the idea. And also to [ profile] zcm9177 for editing. Slight spoiler for up to Beacon, I guess, barely. More Collateral I think. Oh, and BTW, I included a copy of the dress Chloe is wearing (I haven't done that in a while), so look for the link in the fic.

Letting Go 1/1 )
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Title: Loss and Love 1/1
Rating: NC-17 (Not full on smut, don't get very excited.)
Summary: Post Collateral. Oliver contemplates their past, how they came to be, his pain, and what he wants for his future with her.
Notes: Thank you [ profile] sxymami0909 for editing!

Loss and Love 1/1 )
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Title: The Love In Her Understanding
Rating: PG
Summary: Ever since she had returned, Oliver knew every time she turned those eyes on him he would bend over backwards, do anything for her. Yet at the same time he would do anything to make sure she was safe. Safe and with him, even if it meant not consulting her.
Notes: Spoilers for Season 10.

The Love In Her Understanding 1/1 )
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Title: Playing Doctor 1/1
Summary: “Really doctor? Is the full exam necessary?” Oliver asked with fake concern.
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Dedicating this to [ profile] geek_or_unique . I got inspired when I saw her banner 'Keep the Gloves On' here.

Playing Doctor 1/1 )
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Title: Blissful Ignorance 1/1
Summary: Chloe experiences the morning after she's been with Oliver for the second time. Post Warrior.
Notes: Smut! Woohoo! I'm so proud of myself. Not only did I get two fics posted in a day, but one of them is smut! Oh and let's not forget the new LJ layout.
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] smallvillefics for editing for me!
Blissful Ignorance 1/1 )
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Title: Absolute Justice Revelations 1/1
Rating: PG
Summary: Oliver and Chloe both deal with the revelations that were made to them during Absolute Justice which eventually lead them to new revelations about one another. Post Absolute Justice.
Notes: I got this from a prompt from [ profile] geek_or_unique . I may have played with it a bit, but it had to do with Chloe and Oliver and the dinner post Absolute Justice. Also, thanks to [ profile] gabrielladusult for taking the time to edit for me.

Absolute Justice Revelations 1/1 )
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Title: Finally, Complete 1/1
Rating: PG
Summary: Chloe things back over the why and how Olive and she came together.
Notes: Thanks to [info]ebarb001 for editing.

Finally, Complete 1/1 )
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Title: Chloe's Pantry Intervention 1/1
Rating: PG-13
Summary: This wasn’t a normal situation. Oliver Queen, billionaire, CEO, former playboy, her semi-secret boyfriend, and the man who drove her crazy, was going through her pantry and throwing away her food.
Notes: Pure sweet fluff, make sure to brush your teeth.

Chloe's Pantry Intervention 1/1 )
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Title: You're Here... (Drabble)
Rating: PG
Summary: “You’re here aren’t you?” Oliver questioned and reached out for her hand. When she didn’t pull away he pulled her closer to him. “You must feel something of what I do.”
Notes: In a poor attempt to post some fics I'm going through some unfinished documents I have. When I say 'some' I mean probably seventy random documents I've saved over the past three years. We'll see how this new venture goes. First is this drabble, which I have no doubt wasnt meant to be a drabble. This one is before May of 2008 (I forgot to look at the date before i resaved it).
You're Here... )

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Title: Feeling a Little Green for Christmas 1/1
Rating: PG
Summary: Chloe feels a little green as she and Oliver try to decorate their first Christmas tree. Prompt by[ profile] jediyoda99 for Chlolliedays.

Feeling a Little Green for Christmas 1/1 )
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Title: Doubting Heart 1/1
Rating: PG
Summary: Although confident in almost all things, Chloe's heart was always doubtful.
Notes: Long time no post. Unfortunately the muse is still on leave. This isn't a great one shot, but something is better then nothing. Thanks Gen for the edit!
Doubting Heart 1/1 )
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Title: How Lizzie Queen Becomes Her Father's Worst Nightmare 1/1
Summary: Her name is Elizabeth Queen, the daughter of the Green Arrow and Watchtower, and it seems like fate, but it's Oliver Queen's worst nightmare.
Rating: PG
Notes: Part of the Love Over Time Universe. For the full order of stories and archive please go here.Thanks to [ profile] newbatgirl for the edit!
How Lizzie Queen Becomes Her Father's Worst Nightmare 1/1 )
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Title: Catch and Release 1/1
Summary: Catching her was the easy part, letting her go and believing she would come back was harder.
Rating: R
Notes: Wow, long time, not post. This kind of came to me after a couple of glasses of wine and watching Lazarus and hearing that sad ass song that was played when Chloe and Oliver were traded. Hope everyone likes it. It's a bit short, but I hope it's enough to satisfy. Thank to
[ profile] ebarb001 for the quick edit!
Catch and Release 1/1 )
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Title: Home is Where the Heart Is 1/1
Rating: PG-13
Summary: He'd go anywhere she was, and all she wanted was to be with him.
Notes: Tired, so, so tired. This isn't the smut I planned earlier tonight. As the night drew on a felt the need for fluff. Did I say I was tired?
Warnings: Spoilers for Season 10.

Home Is Where the Heart Is 1/1 )
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Title: Always 1/1
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A moment between them when Chloe returns.
Notes: Spoilers for Lazarus.

Always 1/1 )


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