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Okay, so I decided to let anyone and everyone pick one of my one shots that they would like me to write a sequel to. Whichever gets the most votes that one will get the sequel. Not only that, I'd like suggestions or prompts for the possible sequel.

Only rule is that it can NOT be a one shot from my Love Over Time universe.

Considering I've written a lot of one shots you may want to look them over again, if you are really that interested. So there is one of two ways. Or do both. Click here for all my stories tagged one shot. (But skip the ones part of the Love Over Time Universe.) Or, for more easier viewing, although they are not labeled one shots, visit Smallvillefics archive here and scroll down to my fics. It's in order by author.

Then just leave your preference as a comment.
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Title: Ownership
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A random night among many leads to a strange sort of revelation involving one really good pen.
Notes: Response to a prompt by [ profile] ari_g . I'll put the prompt at the bottom so I don't ruin it.

Ownership 1/1 )
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Title: Standing There
Rating: PG
Summary: Sometimes it isn't so obvious, and sometimes, when you least expect it, the person you have been waiting for was standing in front of you the whole time.
Notes: In response to a banner prompt by [ profile] dhfreak. The banner is the one posted above. If you aren't familiar with the banner prompt, dhfreak assigned banners to some authors to be used as a prompt. This is my response to the prompt.
Standing There 1/1 )
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Title: Missed Birthdays and Revelations
Rating: PG
Summary: As it neared six o'clock, she wasn’t so sure watching romance movies had been a good idea, especially for a person spending their birthday alone.
Notes: One shot. Response to a prompt by Smallvillefics 'missed birthdays'. And thanks for the edit too!

Missed Birthdays and Revelations 1/1 )


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