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Title: Entrusting Her Heart
Rating: PG
Summary: It was time for her to trust someone else with her heart. Set after Returning to Her Heart.
Notes: This is the last story for the 'Her Heart' series. It was fun to write, but I think I've done what I could with this one and it is out of my system.

Here is the order:
Finding Her Heart
Leaving Her Heart
Returning to Her Heart
Entrusting Her Heart

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Title: Returning to Her Heart
Rating: PG-13
Summary: She couldn't hide forever.
Notes: This is the follow up to Leaving Her Heart. Just to let you know I think I will write one more for this series. Thanks for all the great reviews! Oh, BTW, on my LJ I am going to start tagging the the 'series: her heart'. Thanks to smallvillefics and slytherinpunk for their editing and support!

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Title: Leaving Her Heart
Rating: PG
Summary: Set about four years after Finding Her Heart. Chloe makes another sacrifice.
Notes: This is a follow up to Finding Her Heart. I plan on writing at least one more follow up to this one.

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Title: Finding Her Heart 1/1
Summary: When it's all said and done, her hearts in a different place.
Rating: PG-13
Notes: This hit me after fretting over Conspiracy and taking a shower (I know you wanted to know that). Although I was mostly concerned about chlollie, this fic is more about Chloe, focusing on justifying not just her actions and Conspiracy, but in general, but giving her some kind of redemption. Because I think she came across a little hard to some people in Conspiracy, but I have a different opinion on that. But there are only slight spoilers for Conspiracy. Like itty bitty.
Note 2: Dedicating this to [ profile] slytherinpunk so she feels obligated to post her Conspiracy follow up fic. haha
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