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Title: Bird Hunting Season 1/1
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Summary: Chloe had traded herself for Oliver, to save the world...and that tramp was going to come in swinging her hips and batting her eyelashes, laying concerned hands on Oliver? Not on her watch.
Notes: This is set before Chloe comes back in Season 10.
Bird Hunting Season 1/1 )
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Title: The Love In Her Understanding
Rating: PG
Summary: Ever since she had returned, Oliver knew every time she turned those eyes on him he would bend over backwards, do anything for her. Yet at the same time he would do anything to make sure she was safe. Safe and with him, even if it meant not consulting her.
Notes: Spoilers for Season 10.

The Love In Her Understanding 1/1 )
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Title: Catch and Release 1/1
Summary: Catching her was the easy part, letting her go and believing she would come back was harder.
Rating: R
Notes: Wow, long time, not post. This kind of came to me after a couple of glasses of wine and watching Lazarus and hearing that sad ass song that was played when Chloe and Oliver were traded. Hope everyone likes it. It's a bit short, but I hope it's enough to satisfy. Thank to
[ profile] ebarb001 for the quick edit!
Catch and Release 1/1 )
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Title: Home is Where the Heart Is 1/1
Rating: PG-13
Summary: He'd go anywhere she was, and all she wanted was to be with him.
Notes: Tired, so, so tired. This isn't the smut I planned earlier tonight. As the night drew on a felt the need for fluff. Did I say I was tired?
Warnings: Spoilers for Season 10.

Home Is Where the Heart Is 1/1 )
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Title: Always 1/1
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A moment between them when Chloe returns.
Notes: Spoilers for Lazarus.

Always 1/1 )
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Title: His Only Choice 1/1
Rating: PG
Summary: Chloe, she had been the best choice he had ever made, and at that moment there was only one right choice, that was to find her, and he would do that, no matter what.
Notes: Spoilers for Lazarus and Shield. Based off of the preview for Shield.

His Only Choice 1/1 )


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