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Mar. 26th, 2011 08:59 pm
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I'm having an absolutely bad, emotional day. Maybe it was the bit of alcohol at the birthday party, although I swear it wasn't that much, at least no where near what I could have put down. I'll reevaluate myself tomorrow and decide that. But that is beside the point...I'm just having a miserable day. While my husband (who is on my shit list) and son stayed at the party, I cam home. Keep in mind the party is next door, so I can hear it. I wish I could bury myself into a story or a movie, but I have no urge to write and there are no movies to watch. I'm stuck with go to get crab rangoons and ice cream to make myself feel better, but in the end I'll only feel gross after splurging, so is it really worth it? Now I'm getting a headache...

Sometimes I hate real life...this is why I write fiction.
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So Ive been frequenting a certain board *cough* and at the prospect of Chlollie getting married and their spoilered big moment AND Chlark at first thinking they got married its seems people still feel the need to bitch! Its AM's last episode! So they feel Cloia is disrespected by a marriage coming before theres and are offended because Clark has a ring on. God.

Oh and of course all the attention isnt paid to lets whine.

And then belittle the fact that Chlollie got married while under a spell so it makes their marriage less important. If it isnt important then why bitch when you thought it was Chlark.

As Chlollie winds down Im of the mins to just go on there and be a bitch.

I know it isnt all of them, but there are just sooo many haters.

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LJ, please get your shit together when it comes to italics. I copy and paste my stories. When I copy, the italics are there, when I paste *poof* gone. Do you know how frustrating it is to have to go back and highlight part of a conversation and make it italicized? Hard, because usually I screw it up and don't realize it until AFTER I posted.

Thank you for your time.


Oct. 6th, 2010 10:16 pm
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So I'm trying to outline a fic I want to write. You know you're in school....they say create an outline. The best way to write a good paper. Screw that. Because now that I started the outline the fic seems boring. I mean I don't want chapters laid out from beginning to end and then having this dark cloud hanging over my head AKA the last scene I have outlined for that chapter.

I mean I want to remember all the ideas I had, but tdamn, outlining them takes the fun out of it. This is booooring.
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So I have this multi chapter fic in mind...and I'm trying to research a bad guy. No luck. I've looked at GA, Superman, and Batman super villains. No body fits it. You know I wanted to use someone different. Why does Lex have to fit everything so perfectly. Uh, and people like Zod and Darkseid, they are just to BIG to deal with. This is the only thing holding me up right now and it is really annoying.
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I ALMOST wrote a fic today lol. Made Lucy give me ideas, but yea it went nowhere. On the bright side I'm done with nomination banners.

Of course once I started posting my own I got annoyed that my fics aren't archived. I have a pretty decent tag selection. But tags are annoying still. Even when someone uses them appropriately. I'd much rather have a list of all my fics and a list of their chapters.

Then that makes me regret that I never did put PREVIOUS and NEXT links at the bottom of the chapters for my multi chapter fics. Because I hate reading someones fic and having to go back for the next chapter.

Then another thing annoyed me. When I first joined LJ I copied my fics from Well the formatting was screwy, so LJ didn't take the return. So instead of their being a space between each paragraph there is nothing and it looks like a jumble of words almost. I HATE it. I could go back and try to re copy and paste and see if it takes, but I'm not sure. I do save my fics, but they are so old I'm not sure what copy I saved *sigh*.

So I think I will try to start a master fic list. As for the other issues...I don't know. Because once I start making Next and Previous links I have to look at the horrible formatting from my older fics. Because most of my multi-chapter fics are older fics.

But the nomination banners will be done tomorrow and I'm counting run off votes tomorrow. Unfortunately the awards banners will be waiting until next week most likely. They aren't done yet (I haven't counted run off votes either so don't know all the winners) and I have my stupid ten year reunion. As much as I'm dreading it I still bought a $128 dress. What was I thinking? But I loooove it. Chloe needs it in green.
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I want to finish The Origin of Uncle Brucey! *pout and stamps foot* God. I just don't know what happened with that fic. I was all gung ho with it and then fell of the wagon. It burns me up. I have the whole damn part two in my head. I mean ALL of it. I think because it's been there so long, even before I started this fic, it's gotten kind of old to me. And it's good too. Snarky Chloe, Sneaky Bruce, Jealous Ollie, and Smut. So yea, not an original idea, but I think one everyone can appreciate. And besides, I came up with the MONTHS ago.


Aug. 5th, 2010 02:55 pm
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So Im rambling via my phone at work.

Im going to try and start counting the votes for the Chlollie awards. Having my husband print out the votes at work. I copy and pasted into an email. And felt so silly with all the chlollie icons. Lets not forget that there was a smut category. I was able to delete the icons lol.

On another note, if anyone is interested Im going to be posting a Supernatural Dean/Jo fic tonight (shut it Sly). If anyone is interested.

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Not much writing...*sigh*. I hate weddings, I hate bills, I hate cleaning, I hate reunions, I hate birthdays. I wish I had annual leave at work so I could take a day off.

Well THAT was sad and pathetic.
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I feel a bit lost having nothing to post. On the bright side I am working on something. Hope to finish it soon.

Also a plus, I got some reading done. Non fanfiction reading. Caught up on the most recent books in the Black Jewels Series. They were pretty good. Read both of them in two days. I have a book around the house some where I was supposed to read part of the Greywalker series. Need to find it. Barnes and Noble is your friend.

Oh, and my son is having a Batman birthday bowling party. Sorry Green Arrow. But the boy likes Batman. You may be cool and hot on Smallville but to a soon to be four year old...not so much. Watched Justice League: Crisis of Two Earths the other day. Got it for my son. He fell asleep, I watched it. So the bad GA, from the other earth...LAME! God! He had like two seconds and he was a big sissy! Uh! My son was looking at a Batman coloring book I got him at Barnes and Noble. And he asked who that guy was with the bow and arrow...

You know what has been hanging over my head like a damn dark cloud. The Origin of Uncle Brucey. Nothing bothers me like that fic does. I just want to finish it. I know what is going to happen. All of it. I just can't write it. Life is making it VERY difficult to get things done. Lots of stress within the next few months.
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It's depressing enough looking at oil covered birds covered in least we can find a way to make fun of BP.
calie15: (Default) when I find a ship that I might be interested in (not like Chlollie of course, so don't throw anything at me) and I go searching for some fanfiction and:

A.) No one writes for this fandom so I must be the loser; or

B.) (This is the worst) I start reading, and reading, and reading, and reading.....and it's all CRAP!

I'm not going to name any ships. *sigh* I'm just disappointed. I went to check out an old ship I used to read (I'm all up to date on Chlolie)  and I mean I just didn't like any of the writing. I mean it wasn't crap if I'm honest. I have no business putting down anything, sometimes I can't write for crap. I don't know....for some reason it just seemed to be lacking...everything.

Okay, and then I guess I have another gripe for a ship...

C.) No one writes smut. *gasp!* Yea I know, who knew.
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Lucy...AKA...[info]smallvillefics said that "Dinah Rocks. She's amazing.Lex & chloe are going to get it on and end the world together." (quote from her AIM, I saved it.)

I just wanted to let everyone know that the person that we thought shipped Chlollie is actually an evil women who has been shipping other disgusting couples the entire time.

And you know what Lucy, even the devil ships Chlollie, and he is going to damn you. Evil, evil woman.
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That's it. That's all I have to say SMALLVILLE. >=(
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I need somewhere to vent and this is as good a place as my three year old was playing with a neighbors dog by my moms and 'something' happened and I don't think the dog bit my son, I think just playing his teeth scraped his face. But needless to say he had a huge gash across his nose I had to rush to my moms pick him up and head to the hospital. They tried to sedate him but it never took so we wound up having to hold him down to give him three stitches. Needless to say I cried the whole time. Around that time I get a call from work (I was supposed to stay late to run a PP presentation for a meeting) and they couldn't get anyone else, so I had to go back to work at five run the presentation for six, didn't get out until seven. Still had to get my son's script filled and pick up dinner.

Needless to say I had a glass of wine at the bar waiting for it. In the mean time my mother is a wreck over guilt and OTHER issues and I could barely deal with her hating herself over my son getting hurt. So finally about 9:30 after laying with my son at his insistence until he fell asleep I ate dinner. Thank god sushi isn't supposed to be hot.

I take a shower get out and my husband gets a phone call that his grandfather passed away. And let's see his mother just passed away last October and his father the October before that. And did I mention that by coincident we got married in October, so his father passed away that same month, and the October of our first anniversary his mother passed away the day after. Oh, and he's only 29 and we are STILL trying to clean out there house to sell. And my husband asks me why he can't even cry when his grandfather dies...I wonder why? Let's not forget that my dad just died two and a half years ago.

Put it this way, I'm over it already.

I'd take a vacation if I could...but I just settle for writing fanfiction. Thank god for an imagination.

BTW, I'm not nuts, just having a really bad day. I just had to rant somewhere since my husband is dealing with his family and my son is in bed.
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I've decided, even after asking for help on chlollie and getting some wonderful ideas that I have "officially" entered the land of writers block. It doesn't matter how good the prompt or idea is. I have started at least five fics in the past two days, stared at blank documents, and come up with nothing, only to delete them in the end. (BTW, I just deleted my second attempt at my jealous Oliver fic if you know what I'm talking about).  I think I'm about to toss in the towel. I mean not officially. Just accept that I'm hitting a road bump and wait to get over it. It's said. I mean you think with all the great chlollie stuff on Smallville...who knows, maybe that is the problem. The worry over future Chlollie, or the lack of more. I don't know. Just speculation.

I think at this point I may just need to wait for it to happen on its own. Part of the problem is I'm stuck in this post Warrior rut. I keep having the same Chloe and Oliver in mind. I need to get out the box and go with something else. Something AU maybe. Even if it is just a one shot. I'd like to start another multi chapter fic. i've got a couple of ideas in mind, I just don't feel committed yet to writing one. 

Its a shame too, because I think a lot more people are reading now. I'm just guessing because my story alerts, favorite stories, and reviews seemed to have hiked up a bit on recently. I think since Warrioir a lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon. To bad I'm falling asleep on the wagon.
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I did finally find something that I am a bit obsessed about that will keep me away from the chlollie obsession. Rockband. Doesn't matter if I'm doing good or screwing up, I can play it for four hours sober or drinking. Doesn't help that I have RockBand2, Guitero Hero 5, AND Beatles Rock Band. My poor three year old always wants to play it and usually I am very accomodating, except when I am playing the drums, then I'm like a spoiled child. Needless to say he never gets to play the drums and I have to sneakily turn the guitar off when he plays it and lie to him and say that 'Oh no, that thing on screen is the guitar' when it is really the drums. But I mean, he could be messing me up. So I HAVE to lie. (cringe) Anyway, I've decided in the near future whenever Smallvile pisses me off I'm not going to rant on the computer, I'm just going to beat the shit out of my rockband drums for about three hours.
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Okay, I wasn't expecting all of that. I mean in reference for chlollie. That was WAY intense. In a good way and bad way. On on hand it could have showed a lot of emotions and lust, but it could also be looked at as FWB. Uh, I hate that word. i mean it seems more then that. It would seem sad to throw these two main characters together at what is close to the end of the main season and only to rip them apart. Trying not to be biased though, that really was a GREAT scene. I mean the background, music, words,  feelings, emotions,  everything, was just perfect. I really hope the writers to ruin it needlessly.  It just seemed like to special of a moment. Uh, he sad rant. I need to find my life again. On the up side or down side though, this Chloe and Oliver from Warrior have kind of altered what I have always pictured in my head. So I'm not sure where that will take me.

On the other does this look pre JS????

Rant time

Feb. 4th, 2010 12:58 am
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So this was spurred on by the post recent GREAT chlollie pic. I'm dying. I feel like a tween waiting for her favorite couple to make out, not mother and wife with responsibilities. =) Which kind of led me to a though. I haven't been with my husband very long. Six and a half years. I'm 27. But he has NO idea what I really write about. I mean he knows I write stories, and he kind of knows Smallville, but that's it. He kind of makes me antsy f he gets to close to my monitor. He wouldn't make fun of me, but I still feel a bit silly. So today he was like 'Can't you just get off the computer for once' and I'm thinking nooooo way. Of course he asks why and I don't want to tell him that I'm just this crazy fangirl that enlarges pictures to see every bit of Oliver in that picture of Chloe shooting the arrow. He gets sooooo annoyed at how much I'm on the computer at night and how much late I stay on. I mean is it really that bad to like something so much? I like to write.

When I was a bit younger I started college with the intention to write, then I realized I wasn't that great at it, so now I'm a planner (urban planner, not like party planner lol). But you know I enjoy it. It's kind of like an escape for me, writing what I want. What else can you create so many possibilities with? I kind of hate it when you come across authors that are dead set against people creating fiction based off of their stories. It almost kind of puts me off to reading that authors story. Which is why I LOVE JK Rowling. She encourages it, and that is very admirable of her. That shows you she really understand to be regular person wanting to write. that she can actually feel flattery at someone wanting to use her ideas and not feel like she has been stolen from. None of us make money off of this, we just enjoy it. If I wanted money then I would have finished my English major.

As it happened though I was a shitty English major. I wrote horrible papers. I never put commas in the right spot and misspell things all the time. on top of it whenever my teacher wanted me to break down a particular short story or poem I was always wrong. It never failed. I never perceived it the right way. It wasn't until I was failing my Shakespeare class that I realized I sucked at it. Every week the teacher would give us four lines of a play to break down and describe what it meant in a couple of paragraphs. According to him I was always wrong. It wasn't for lack of trying. I guess I was just to stupid in his opinion to get it correct. Of course I'd rather be to stupid then be an ugly little midget with a nasty comb over. Bleh. I'd love for him to come through our planning department so I could tell him to take his site plans and shove them. He didn't succeed in teaching me anything, but sure did help in making me drop out that semester. Well and I was failing Spanish. Planning degrees don't require Spanish though thanks god. Oh and well, it didn't help that I was going out five nights a week. Did you know how easy it is to find ladies night every day of the week in New Orleans. EASY. I screwed up, but looking back on it now, he was still an ass. I hope he lost all his hair.

So my intention of this rant was a question, if anyone even read this or got this far. Do yall tell your other family members or friends about your crazy ship obsession? Whether it's just being interested in it and posting, or making fanvids, or fanart, or fanfiction.


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