Nov. 17th, 2010 01:33 am
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If you really care...

I was reading the little blurb about Allison Mack and Annette O'Toole returning on some website...from there people commented about other returning. One of the main ones they referred to was Lex's return. Some people just foolishly stating, "Where's Lex?!" (If you are a fan you know why there is no Lex) to the other idiots stating that it is a slap in the face to the fans if he doesn't return.

This is a HUGE nitpick of mine. WHERE does it state that a character has to hang around until the show goes off the air to satisfy every irate fan out there. The fan's watch the show for entertainment, the actor's and actresses work over twelve hour days sometimes for your hour of a week enjoyment. Then they'll argue, well if it wasn't for the fans they wouldn't have had a job. Suck it. Guess what, I work for the could argue if it wasn't for tax payers I wouldn't have a job. It isn't going to stop me from saying I quite and going elsewhere.

It's a good idea to appreciate your fans and respect them, not have you world revolve around them.

if Allison Mack wouldn't have come back would I have been disappointed? Yes. Would I have ranted and raved that Chlollie was ruined? Yes. Would I have said Allison Mack slapped me in the face as a fan for not sticking it out another year and living away from her home so that I could get twenty hours of enjoyment out of a whole year? No.


Nov. 12th, 2009 05:56 pm
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Is totally unreasonably digustsed with Smallville. Perhaps I'm jumping to conclusions, but if they put Chloe with some douchbag in 'Warrior' I refuse to even follow the show. I feel absolutely ridiculous that this is annoying me and if my husband knew he would laugh at me. I need to write a one shot to make me feel better, to bad my mind is totally blank.


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